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  NMR Senior Specialist Technician
  WoS Reseacher ID: J-8097-2014 ORCID: 0000-0003-4390-6972 Google Scholar:

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I was born in Madrid and I obtained a Bachelor's Degree and a PhD in Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), being recognized with the extraordinary award in the Bachelor's degree. In the last year I was awarded with the introductory research scholarship at the CSIC. Later, I carried out the doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Jorge Santoro at the Institute of Matter Structure (IEM) and the Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano (IQFR), CSIC between 2000-2004 with the help of an FPI scholarship. During this period, I obtained a solid training in the NMR spectroscopy technique that allowed me to resolve the first high-resolution three-dimensional structures of allergenic proteins of the 2S albumine family, in addition to carrying out NMR methodological development for the precise determination of coupling constants for application in the measurement of dipole coupling constants. During the predoctoral period, I carried out stays in research centers of international relevance, for the learning of triple resonance methodology, automatic protein assignment techniques and automatic calculation of three-dimensional protein structures at the Center for Advanced Biothenology and Medicine Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA (2001) with Prof. Guy Montelione and in Genomic Science Center, RIKEN Yokohama Japan (2003) with Prof. Peter Güntert. In 2004, as a postdoctoral fellow, I joined Prof. Peter Güntert's group at the Genomic Science Center at RIKEN as an associate researcher, to carry out the implementation and development of automatic calculation of the three-dimensional structure of proteins by NMR in the Japanese Initiative for Structural Genomics / RIKEN Proteomics. During this time I was awarded the prestigious scholarship from the Japan Society for the promotion of science JSPS, which I rejected to return to Spain. In 2005-2006 I joined a new NMR group (Dr. Antonio Pineda) of the Department of Medical Chemistry at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center, Valencia, to start up the NMR laboratory and where I carried out studies of interactions of proteins with peptides and small molecules. In 2007 I was awarded a Juan de la Cierva scholarship and joined the NMR group at the CNIO under the supervision of Prof. Francisco Blanco where I carried out structural and dynamics studies using NMR, of proteins involved in cancerous processes such as ING4 and PCNA. In 2008 I joined the protein NMR group of the IQFR, CSIC under the supervision of Prof. Jorge Santoro for the development of new methodologies for the assignment of proteins. In 2009, I got permanent position at the IQFR, CSIC as technical manager of the NMR laboratory "Manuel Rico", LMR. At present my interest is the development of new NMR methodologies to facilitate the process of sequential assignment of folded and / or unfolded peptides / proteins.
  • Work team member of project CTQ2017-84371-P (Spanish AEI/EU-FEDER of the EU; Call 2017)
  • Research team member of Spanish Ondine Association project (2019)
  • Research team member of Mexican Ondine Association project (2020)
  • COV20/00764 (Spanish Institute of Health Carlos III / Spanish Ministry of Science & Innovation (ISCIII / Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)
  • Research team member of project PID2019-109306RB-I00 (Spanish AEI/EU-FEDER of the EU; Call 2019)