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Design and structure-activity relationships in peptides of biomedical relevance

  Challenge: Structural basis of life

PI: M. Ángeles Jiménez


Peptide structure determination is essential for understanding their biological functions and activities and also paves the way towards the rational design of peptides and analogues with pharmaceutical applications.

We recently reviewed the current knowledge about the design and NMR structural determination of α-helical and β-hairpin peptides.

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In the image, a 2D NMR spectrum is surrounded by: (A) cyclic α-MSH analogues targeting the human melanocortin receptor 1 (MC1R), which are of pharmacological interest for detecting and treating melanoma; (B) a peptide derived from the glycoprotein gp41 from the virus HIV, which is involved in membrane fusion and have immunogenic capacity against HIV; (C) two peptides derived from the antimicrobial and antitumoral crotalicidin: the N-terminal helical is inactive whereas the disordered C-terminal is active; and (D) a designed cyclic peptide able to inhibit HIV reverse transcriptase dimerization.



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  • David Andreu (Universitat Pompeu-Fabra, Barcelona)
  • María José Camarasa (IQM-CSIC, Madrid)
  • Joao D.G. Correia (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Rosario González-Muñiz (IQM-CSIC, Madrid)
  • Paula Morales (IQM-CSIC, Madrid)
  • José L. Nieva (UPV, Bilbao)
  • Sonsoles Velázquez (IQM-CSIC, Madrid)


  • CTQ2017-84371-P
  • B2017/BMD