Andrea Gelardo Serrano
  Research assistant
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Andrea Gelardo Serrano obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology at the University Miguel Hernandez (Elche, 2018). During her student years, she joined the bioengineering institute of the University Miguel Hernandez (UMH) as a laboratory assistant involved in studies about synthesis and characterization of artificial light harvesting and charge separation systems for efficient conversion of solar energy. Later on she joined the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC, 2017) of the UMH as internal student where she studied the extraction process of a pomegranate extract, their encapsulation in liposomes and evaluation of its microbiological activity. In 2018 she was granted with a Santander-Crue-CEPYME Scholarship for an internship at the Sanitary and Biomedical Research Foundation of the CV (FISABIO). Andrea completed the Master on Agri-food Technology and Safety from the UMH (Orihuela, 2020), in whose final project she developed the cleaning and disinfection protocol for the supermarket line controlled by the Musgrave Company. Currently she has joined the Manuel Rico Lab at IQFR-CSIC as a research asssistant where he provides support in the NMR facilities, protein purification and overall laboratory manteinance..

  • Research assistant contract by Garantía Juvenil CAM 2020 (CAM20_IQFR_AI_03).  Consejo de Ciencia, Universidades e Innovación de la Comunidad de Madrid.