jcarrasco                   JAIME CARRASCO CASTRO
  Master's Student (since Jan 2021)
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Jaime Carrasco (Jaén, 1998) obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry by the University of Murcia (2019). Before graduating, he joined the GENZ UMU (Murcia, 2018) as internal student supervised by Dr. José Tudela Serrano where he studied the anti-enzymatic and antioxidant properties of natural compounds such as Curcuma longa. Later on he performed experimental work in Reina Sofía Hospital (Murcia, 2019). Jaime completed the Master in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics from the UAM (2020). Currently, he is performing his Master’s project in structural biology & applied biomedicine under the supervision of Dr. Javier Oroz in the Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano-CSIC. Jaime is studying the role of members of the chaperome modulating the structure and aggregation propensity of TDP-43 by NMR in order to decipher pro-toxic structures. His long-term goal is to understand the chaperome’s role in neurodegenerative diseases in order to consider them potential drug targets